Have you ever had an experience that truly changed you for the better? Altered the way you saw the world? Made you think twice about how you live your life? I did, and this blog is my way of telling you about it and committing to pursuing similar experiences.

Leah Deppert

Hello! My name is Leah Deppert and welcome to my blog. Founded in the summer of 2016, By Travel & Error is a travel and lifestyle blog that shares lessons learned, experiences shared and stories created while wandering around our messy, yet beautiful world.

Who? Well…this blog is for me but it’s also for you :). Since I’m a twenty-something, Midwest gal with a bit of wanderlust, I’m guessing you too are around my same age and are longing for travel adventures.

What? You can expect travel tips, itineraries, packing lists…and more!

Where? Mainly travels across the United States…for now. I also tend to write a lot about my beloved hometown… Cleveland, OH!

When? The inspiration for this blog started in the spring of 2009, but I started writing in June 2016.

Why? It’s so easy to become complacent, isn’t it? Let’s learn together how to jump outside of our comfort zones by experiencing, learning and growing by travel and error!

Leah Deppert

More About Me…

Likes: Watching The Bachelor/The Bachelorette (with my roommate & our mommas), airplane food (don’t judge–it usually means you’re going somewhere far away and fun), staying up late to finish a book you just couldn’t put down, wineries + bikes rides + lazy Sundays, exploring new cities but also my hometown, Cleveland, OH, being an auntie to Simon, Gus & Aurellia, potluck dinners with family/friends, Ben Rector concerts aka reunions with my college roommates, and finally…people watching in airports (ahem, lookin’ at you, Mr. Skinny Tie and Brown Leather Shoes) because if you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around…

These are a few of my favorite things...

Dislikes: That sinking feeling when your carry-on is not fitting into the overhead compartment, the words “wifey” and “hubby”, waking up thinking it’s Friday when it’s really Tuesday, humble braggers, meetings that last forever, when your airplane seatmate doesn’t acknowledge your presence, Monday mornings and delayed flights.

Never miss a post!

Never miss a post!